Traxxas E-REVO Brushless Edition Review

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Why Is The E-REVO Brushless Edition The Worlds Most Powerful, Ready-To-Race Brushless Electric Monster Truck!?

  • 25.2 volts of tire ripping power…traxxas e revo brushless edition
  • Speeds of 65+MPH..
  • State-of-the-art Integrated chassis design…
  • NOW all full water proof electronics…
  • Unique suspension design…
  • And The List Keeps Going…

If You’re Looking For The Ultimate In RC Car Excitement

…Look no further, The Traxxas E-REVO Brushless Edition 1/10 SCALE 4WD MONSTER TRUCK is one of the most Terrain Adaptive, Sleek and Sexy, Unique RC Trucks out there!

The Unique Suspension Design On The E-REVO…traxxas e revo

…Utilizes an inboard lay down Hard-Anodized PTFE-Coated Aluminum GTR Shock design…

…Connected to the rocker style cantilever and push rod system,

The suspension can tackle any surface with ease!e revo brushless

Ready To Race!

When Traxxas says Ready To Race, They mean exactly that!

Right out of the box the E-REVO is fully assembled and ready for whatever you can throw at it…

Traxxas includes 2 3000 mAh  NiMH E revo RC car

Traxxas Power Cell Batteries and a wall charger to get you right into the action!

The e revo Comes With A 30 day Warranty

And They Offer Great Technical Support!

{Upgrade To LiPO Batteries For High Performance Fun!}

Traxxas 2.4GHz TQi Remote Control Now Links Wirelessly To The Traxxas Link App…e revo controller

…Using Bluetooth technology to monitor real time Telemetry,

such as speed, RPM, Battery voltage, temperature, etc.,

Using factory installed Telemetry sensors,

included on select model E-REVO Brushless Editions!

Outfitted With A Dual Steering Servo System…traxxas e revo 

Practically Eliminating slow, sluggish steering response…

…typical on other RC Monster Trucks!

Each steering servo is rated at 125 oz.-in of torque-

totaling 250 oz.-in of reliable tire turning torque

to keep you in command no matter what the driving conditions may be!

Heavy Duty 17mm Aluminum Splined Hex Hubs…e revo review

Make’s sure every bit of the E-REVO’s horsepower is delivered to the tires!

Virtually Eliminating twist out no matter how much power…

The Castle Creations 2200Kv Brushless Motor is sending to the wheels!

{The after markets wheel and tire upgrades are endless for this particular hub design!}

!!!ALL WATERPROOF ELECTRONICS!!!e revo brushless review

Finally all the Brushless Edition E-REVO electronics are waterproofed, to protect them from H2O induced failure!

Brushless Heavy Duty Transmission…e revo brushless

The Brushless E-REVO‘s single speed transmission

Is equipped with a larger steel idler gear and an adjustable slipper clutch…

…to control the power delivery from the high-performance 2200Kv Brushless motor!

This car does require a bit of experience and knowledge it is a very fast and powerful RC Car, use caution when you drive it!

Pro’s And Con’s Of The Brushless E-REVO


  1. Unique suspension design is superior to any competitor…
  2. Ton’s of power…
  3. Upgrades and parts a readily available…
  4. YOU WILL Enjoy this car…
  5. Durable Chassis design… 


  1. This RC Car does require some experience and basic knowledge before operating…


What Others Are Saying About The Traxxas E-REVO Brushless Edition…

5.0 out of 5 stars... faster than I though and it has a very great engine set up

on October 25, 2015

Verified Purchase

It's faster than I though and it has a very great engine set up.


5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

on February 20, 2015

Verified Purchase

Like the car its a good first car for me faster then I thought


5.0 out of 5 starsFive Stars

on November 14, 2014

Verified Purchase

Love it!!! 

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So Is The Traxxas E-REVO Brushless Edition The Right RC CAR For You?

Answer: Yes it is

Bottom Line: This car does require a bit of experience and knowledge it is a very fast

  • This RC Is Second To NONE…
  • You And Your Family Will Enjoy The E-REVO For Many Years To Come…
  • The E-REVO Brushless Edition Is A Hobby Grade RC and the Upgrades are ENDLESS…
  • Everything You Will Need To Get Started Is Included (Hence RTR)…
  • Traxxas E-REVO Has Proven Its Worth Time And Time Again…

My Personal Final Rating: 5 out 5 starsrevo rc 

{The Traxxas E-REVO Brushless Edition Dominates All The Competition }

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Traxxas E-Revo F.A.Q

Q: where to buy traxxas e revo?

A: You can get it directly through this link for the best prices I have found for you!

Q: Should I get Brushed or Brushless?

A: If money is the issue, you can start with a Brushed E-REVO its still a blast! you can always upgrade it later! ==>click here for the best deal on a brushed E-Revo…

Q: I’m new to RC. Should I start with something smaller?

A: Traxxas has you covered! Check out the mini 1/16 scale E-Revo!

==>click for the best price on a Brushless mini e revo vxl1/16 e revo

==>click for the best price on a brushed mini E-Revo

Keep RC Fun, Happy Driving!