New RC Car! Should I upgrade Immediately?

I’m Getting A New RC Car! What Upgrades Should I Do First? I See This Question A Lot In The RC World, Here’s My Honest opinion….

So your’e really excited about your new RC right?new rc car

Of course you are who wouldn’t be!

That New RC Car smell, the new RC Car jitters!

You can’t wait for the battery to be charge and take it on it’s maiden voyage right?

Believe me I know the feeling… RC CARS

You just spent your hard earned cash on a new RC car!

So why would you keep spending money on parts that aren’t even broken yet?!

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about RC upgrades, in some cases they are necessary…eventually…


Your’e Taking The Fun Out Of The Whole New RC Car Experience!!

Imagine this…you buy a coloring book, you get it home, you open it up and all the pictures are already colored for you…

What fun is that!? 

All I’m trying to say is when you purchase a new RC Car, it works just fine right out of the box, especially Traxxas RCs. 

All you have to do is enjoy it! Take it out of the box and just go nuts!

And Rather Than Someone Telling You What Upgrades You Need…

Find out for yourself!!

Breakage and failures are inevitable, your RC Car is destined to break.

You get comfortable with your RC car, you get brave with your RC car,

you call all your friends over so you can show it off, and why not RC cars Are awesome!

Then WHAAM! 

Out of no where a tree jumps out in front of your RC Car and takes out your front control arms

Your wheel goes rolling away , the car is twitching and starts making funny noises!

You run to it and you want to cry, but your buddies are watching so you start gritting your teeth and silently start swearing to yourself!

You start picking up the dismembered pieces But…There is nothing you can do right now!  

Soldier Down…However…

This is when the upgrades and the fun really starts!

RC Car Parts are usually not going to break the bank (depending on your model) especially…

Suspension, chassis, wheels and tires, etc,. 

For example these control arms are under $11 and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on them.

That’s a worthy upgrade hands down!!

Now you start shopping around checking out other potential upgrades and hop-ups

…start checking out other RC Cars.

You check out what other guys are doing with their own RC’s and getting ideas

Now You want to really personalize your RC Car. 

Then your’e painting a body for it! 

Now Your’e Getting To Experience every Aspect of RC Fun… 

Bottom Line: 

Just enjoy the hobby! Enjoy your new RC Car! When It breaks or parts start wearing out then you start the bond between man and machine!

If your not sure which First RC Car to get! Here are some of my personal suggestions for great hobby grade RC Cars for under $200.

==>Traxxas Stampede: RC Monster truck: This is an awesome first RC Truck! Durable, plenty of ground clearance and personally my favorite to hit big jumps with! Great for more off road conditions.

==>Traxxas Rustler: Stadium Truck: Low wide stance great for street driving, loose dirt and it can handle various off road terrain pretty well. Driving this car is very satisfying. I believe its the superior handling over the other RC Cars.

==>2wd Traxxas slash: Short Course Truck: This is my top pick for a first RC Car! The Traxxas Slash is one of the toughest RC Cars available and a lot of fun to drive especially if your’e new to RC! Its a great balance between handling and off road capability.

If you would like to see an RC Car a bit more advanced check out my E REVO Brushless Review

Keep The Fun In RC!

sincerely, RickyRevoRC