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RC Car - RC Truck HobbyistRicky Revo RC Car – RC Truck Hobbyist…

First and foremost I have owned many RC Cars and Trucks! I have created this Blog to help others decide, What is the best RC for me! Take it from an RC car – RC truck Hobbyist with years of rc hobby experience… 

These RC Product reviews, are some of the best RC Cars available! I would not recommend them if I didn’t believe they are worth it!

There are a lot of choices for Remote control cars and trucks on the market, these are just a few I have personal experiences with and will recommend.

This has been a hobby of mine for years now and it is a very enjoyable hoby to be involved in. The rc community is a great place for people of all ages. This is why I created my youtube channel and online services.

Check out my rc car youtube channel for repairs, upgrades, more reviews and all kinds of rc hobby stuff. My goal is to create content that is helpful and enjoyable to watch.

There’s videos of painting and making my own rc car paint stencils from scratch for unique rc paint schemes. Go and check out some of the awesome rc car bodies that I have painted for my Axial Wraith, My nephews Traxxas Rustler, My E revo Brushless and so many more.

This Blog was created in hopes to help aid in your next rc purchase. The radio controlled car industry is on the rise and making a huge comeback in 2017.

For this reason don’t miss out and start having some of your own rc excitement!

No doubt I know you’ll love the hobby!

Sincerely, Ricky Revo RC

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